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5 female focused sex positions inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of thrones is one of the most popular shows in the world right now, if not the most popular one. If you follow the show, you’ll have noticed the kind of sex that is had on the show, ranging from the nonconsensual to the incest ones.

They are more of a mechanical activity more than sex, there are not the most romantic scenes but there are people who are into that sort of thing.

Here are five GoT inspired sex positions as described by Katie Buckleitner ,
Cosmopolitan, check them out.

1. Mother of Dragons
The lady takes charge in this position, the man lies on his back, while the lady mounts him. To make it like the show, put a fan around or if possible, open the window, the air will support this. Then the lady you can ride it like it’s a horse of a pony, and when she is about to climax, finish off screaming dracarys.

2. Bend the knee
Like the popular phrase, one leg is up while the other knee is bent, at this position, the man does the tribute paying, his face directly opposite her private part, crouch there and give her the business. Something like Jon and Ygritte did in the cave.

3. The Iron Throne
The throne is another element that has seeped into pop culture. While the guy is sitting, in a chair on a comfortable surface, the lady backs him and then sits on him, guiding his penis into her vagina and lets her ride him on the Iron Throne. Let him know who is the real owner of the Iron Throne.

4. The Dornish threeway
It’s cool if you don’t have a third person to join you, you can introduce something else, your vibrator of dildo. The lady lies on her back, with her legs open, and then the guy is in between her legs standing, while this is happening, you can use the vibrator to pleasure yourself as he thrusts in and out of you.

5. The Hound
There is no way we are leaving this one out of it, also named the doggy style. The lady is on her knees and the guy is behind her, giving it long, deep and firm strokes. If you want to make it even better, you can switch off the lights, and light candles like they do in Westeros.
Unlike the hound, let’s hope your partner isn’t scared of fire.

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