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After a night of binge-drinking, lady wakes up on top of male friend, accuses him of rape

What started as fun between a 19 -year-old lady and her 23 -year-old male friend has resulted in the man’ s suspension from school for three years, after which he faced a long court battle and unrelenting public backlash.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Joshua Lines and his female friend had been on a night out , during which they both shared a bottle of dry wine that made them drunk .

The incident happened three years ago at the Manchester University halls of residence , where they had both attended a student house party .

Reports say they both fell asleep together while watching a Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp .

The lady, who was not named , claimed she was woken up several hours later by the sound of a laptop falling off her bed to find herself on top of Joshua , with her pyjama bottoms pulled down and him having sex with her .

She said she fled in tears to her en-suite bathroom and locked herself inside for several hours until she was sure he had left the room.
Joshua later tried to contact her on Facebook , sending her a message saying: ‘ What ’ s happened ’ , to which she replied: ‘ I don ’ t want anything to do with you. ’.

Joshua Lines , from Wigan , Greater Manchester, who claimed he had been too drunk to remember whether the pair had sex , was later charged with rape over the encounter in November 2014.

He sat through two trials where both he and his accuser gave evidence and which culminated in jurors in both cases failing to agree on a verdict .

A medical examination carried out on the woman several days later showed no traces of Joshua ’ s DNA.

The jury had been told Joshua and the woman had been friends for three years.
While he was attracted to her , she said she didn’ t share his feelings and that the relationship was platonic .

In a videoed statement to police, the woman said: “ I remember everything that happened and I know I was not drunk.

“ When we got back, we decided to watch a film. I went to the bathroom and got changed and Josh was already in the bed .

“ I put the film on and I remember before falling asleep that he turned me to face him and cuddled me but that was nothing unusual . I assume we fell asleep like that.

“ But I woke up on top of him and he was having sex with me and I was in shock and I started crying.

“ Initially , he froze and I said : ‘ I know what you have just done , ’ and I went into the bathroom and locked the door . Josh came to the door and said stuff to me but I couldn ’ t hear , he then left the flat .

“ He sent me a Facebook message saying: ‘ What ’ s happened ’ to which I replied: ‘ I don ’ t want anything to do with you, go back to the house party , I’ m sure someone will let you crash there. ’

“ I went home on the Saturday and whilst I was at home I didn’ t think about it but when I came back to Manchester it was hard. I mentioned it to a few people who said I had to do something. On the Thursday I woke up and thought I had to do something. ”

“ When we got back to her flat , I said I would sleep in the bath and she said: ‘ Don ’ t be silly ’ and so it was her idea for me to sleep in the bed , ” Joshua said .

“ We had slept in the same bed before and I thought it was fine ; so I took my jeans off and was wearing my t-shirt and boxer shorts and she changed into her pyjamas .

“ When the film was put on, I begun to feel funny and the room was spinning — she was a bit tipsy too . I then fell asleep and when I woke up , she had her head on my chest . I tried to move her out of the way , but she was draped over me with her legs either side.

“ I left to be sick and ended up in the basement . I don ’ t believe I could have done what she said I did because of the logistics of it. She woke up on top of me with her legs either side, how would I get her there?”

On Thursday at Manchester Crown Court, Joshua Lines , now 23 , was formally cleared on rape when prosecutors said they would not be seeking a third trial after speaking to the woman, also 23 , who cannot be named for legal reasons .

Joshua looked visibly relieved when he learnt the case was over. He declined to comment after the hearing .
( DailyMail )

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