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Beautiful Mom Kills Herself after Crashing a car Her Husband Told her Not To Drive

A 20year old mum took her own life after writing off her husband’s motor. Anastasia Lysukho had been forbidden from driving her husband’s VAZ-2106 because he didn’t trust her behind the wheel, in Novocherkassk, Russia.

She decided to take her other half’s car out for a spin while he was away on business trip.
But just minutes after she left their home she smashed into three other cars on the street outside their flat.

She smashed into a Lada Kalina coming the other way down the road before veering into two other parked motors.

Eyewitnesses report she was visibly distressed and panicked before she fled the scene leaving the car in the road.

The distraught student, who studied at the local university, then went home and wrote a note saying she was “overcome with guilt” because her husband had not insured the car.
She then tragically killed herself.

A police spokesman said:
“It is believed that the lack of insurance together with her fear of telling her husband about what happened triggered the tragedy.
“It is also believed she had nervous breakdown after the accident and might not have realised what she was doing.”

Condolences poured out on Russian social media with Roman Yefremov posting: “Poor thing. They were just three half-rotten cars, I can’t begin to imagine how her family feels now.”

Sergey Rubanov commented: “Such a waste of life. She was so young and beautiful.”
While Tatiana K wrote: “Her husband must be devastated. Such a beautiful young woman.

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