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Best 5 positions for sex marathon

This is only for the adventurous people, who else would want to have sex for hours and hours. For regular folks, the normal four to eight minutes. For those who like to live on the edge, you’ll need a couple of things you’ll need before you venture into such things.

You’ll need the lube, because at some point, there is the possibility that she won’t be naturally wet. Willpower, the strength or stamina to keep it going. It’s always a good thing to stay hydrated. And last but not the least it will be a boring affair, sex positions.
To help with this adventure, Jill Hamilton from Cosmopolitan drops knowledge on this.

1. The soul gazer
One of the goals of the marathon sex is to spend more time with each other being intimate, especially with your sexual organs. It’s not essentially about the how hard or fast the sex, but how enjoyable it is. Marathons are really a slow burn kind of sex. One position that has intimacy and good slow sex is the soul gazer position.

It’s a sitting position for the both of you, but the challenge here will be limited speed when it comes to thrusting but you can stare at each other all you want.

2. The Triathalon
The bend over position is one of the best in the history of sex. This will allow you take the sex almost everywhere in the house, the kitchen inclusive. Living room, bathroom, hallway, everywhere.
Here is a quick cheat script, whenever you feel like you’re about the climax, move to another part of the house and have her assume the position again.

3. The Sprint
This position is quite natural, the missionary possible but here it’s slightly modified. The man slightly raises himself over her, so the penetration will have the penis rub her vulva before penetrating. It makes it even better, and throughout all of these, you’ll require your stamina.

4. Come at me
You don’t have to be the only one thrusting, here is where you can bring the sex toys. Bring your toys, then the man binds the lady’s hands and legs, so she looks like X. Then go to town on her with the sex toys especially if you’ve got different types of it, the vibrations set on different levels.

5. The Spoon Intervals
This is a romantic one, you can sleep with him inside you, then caress each other, the erection will go soft, and probably slip out. When either wakes up, you can give each other light touches till the erection gets back, then you continue the slow sensual burn.

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