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Couple cancels ceremony on wedding day, donates multimillion-naira reception to homeless

A couple who cancelled their ceremony on the wedding day has opted to donate the $ 30 , 000 reception venue and the expensive food to the homeless people nearby .

Twenty -five-year-old Sarah Cummins and her fiancée had cancelled the wedding ceremony at the last minute on their wedding day, without giving any reasons whatsoever .

The pharmacy student of Purdue University and her then husband -to be had prepared a reception that was meant to sit approximately 170 guests.

Fantastically decorated, it ’ s the sort that dream weddings are made of.

However , once the would -have-been couple arrived at a decision to call off the wedding , they decided they throw open the reception venue to the homeless people in a facility nearby .

Her idea , to invite people from four area homeless shelters to enjoy the 170-person reception, was well received.

“ For me , it was an opportunity to let these people know they deserved to be at a place like this just as much as everyone else does , ” Sarah said .

“ It ’ s a great opportunity to spread love . Being homeless is kind of a big loss for all of these guys . This is just a very nice thing to do , ” she added.
Adapted from Alux .

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