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God Will Be Angry If We Restructure Nigeria, It’s Not His Will – Pastor Gives Warning

Pastor Emmanuel Awojide, the Vice President of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TACN), who is apparently irked by the spate of divided opinions over calls by some Nigerians to restructure Nigeria, has warned that God will be angry with the people and may send calamity upon them if they go ahead to restructure the country.

According to The Nation, Pastor Awojide said God who put the people and country in present circumstance knows why He did so, and as such, “No one should divide what God has joined together for peace and love”.

The Apostolic Cleric also took a swipe at killings going on in the country as a result of agitations, bombings, kidnappings, among others, and described Nigeria as a country full of religious, but unGodly people.

Speaking with Journalists at the 82nd annualk convention, Kaduna area of the church, shortly after a sermon on the theme, “Come Thou and All Thy House Into The Ark”, Pastor Awojide noted that the spate of corruption in the country was already surpassing that of the days of biblical Noah where corrupt people were washed away by the great flood.

He cautioned that if God should visit anger on Nigeria, many will not escape the wrath because of corruption and killings taking place in the country..

The Apostolic Cleric however expressed the hope that the country could be better if the people and the nation could be Godly rather than being religious by putting a stop to evils in the society.

He said, “On restructuring, I want to disagree with those calling for the restructuring of the country because it is not the wish of God for the country to go in different directions.
“We must stay together because God will be angry with Nigerian leaders if they allow the country to be divided.

“It is against the wish of God for the country to be divided.

He also assured Nigerians that there will be no bloodshed in 2019 as against some insinuations that the general election will be bloody.
“But as men of God we will continue to pray against evil, and we believe that God mercy will come upon the country and the people. Therefore we must respond to God’s hand of mercy to avoid evils.

“Nigeria and Nigerians are religious, but are yet to be Godly because there is so much killings and destructions in the land.

“Corrupt Nigerians must repent or else the wrath of God and the law of the land will catch up with them.

“But ungodly people will perish eventually in hell fire, and Godly people will make heaven”.

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