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Greeks Commemorate Murder That Sparked Neo-nazi Probe

Hundreds of people joined an anti -racism protest in Athens on Saturday held to commemorate the shock murder of an anti -fascist rapper in 2013 by a member of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.

Rapper Pavlos Fyssas’ s death sparked an investigation into the actions of Golden Dawn , which until then had not been sanctioned despite being linked to a campaign of violence against migrants and political opponents .

Nearly 70 members and supporters of the violently xenophobic and anti -Semitic formation have been on trial since 2015.

“ The trial needs to conclude and send the neo -Nazis to prison, ” said protest organiser Petros Constantinou .

The prosecution is trying to prove Golden Dawn operated as a full -blown criminal outfit that allegedly encouraged beatings and even killings .

This week a former member testified in court that the outfit had designs to abolish the Greek parliament and create a Nazi-style state .
He added that prospective members took oaths to join the group under a Third Reich flag .

Fyssas’ s father has said his son was ambushed by around 60 Golden Dawn members outside a cafeteria and had been felled by “ professional ” blows to the heart.

A handful of police stood nearby but did not intervene when a group of around 20 people chased down Fyssas and his friends , according to witnesses .

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos and other senior party members were also jailed at the outset of the investigation but have since been released .

The group rose to prominence at the height of the Greek economic crisis, portraying itself as a defender of Greece against unchecked migration and political corruption .

In the 2015 elections, Golden Dawn finished third with nearly 380, 000 votes and elected 18 lawmakers to parliament.( AFP )

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