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Groom leaves wedding photo session to rescue drowning boy

Nothing could stop a groom, fully dressed in his wedding garb for a photoshoot from jumping into a river to save a young boy who fell into the water . Life is precious .

That was what an Ontario, Canada man, Clayton Cook proved recently with his life-saving act.
Clayton and Brittany Cook who got married on Friday in Kitchener said they were posing for their wedding photos at Victoria Park when they noticed three kids playing nearby .

“ We were walking through Victoria Park just doing photos at random locations and there were three small kids following us around for five or 10 minutes , and they started walking towards the water , ” Clayton Cook told Global News.

“ I looked over as Brittany was doing some solo shots and I only saw two kids — there were three — I thought I better double check to make sure everything was OK … and sure enough , once I got over there I saw the third child in the water and he was fighting quite hard to stay afloat , ” he said.

Brittany Cook said she was initially baffled by her new husband ’ s actions , UPI reported .
“ I look over and I see Clay in the water and I think, what is he doing?” Brittany Cook told CTV Kitchener .

It quickly became clear to the bride and wedding photographer Darren Hatt that Clayton was rescuing a small boy from the water .
Hatt snapped photos of Clayton standing in the river and lifting the boy onto the shore .

“ Weddings have a lot of interesting and spontaneous moments but this was definitely on a different level , ” Hatt said. “ You ’ re always about capturing the story, and this is just part of the story they will remember … this will definitely be something they remember for years. ”

“ His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim . Well done sir!” Hatt wrote in posting the photos to Facebook .

According to London Free Press, the little boy, who was not a guest of the wedding, was fine after the ordeal and even hung out around the wedding party for a bit before returning to his family with his sister .

Cook had to go back to his wedding reception soaking wet .

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