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Italian mayor offers $2,200 to encourage people to live in tiny village

An Italian mayor is offering $2 , 200 to anyone who is willing to move to his tiny village.

The mayor of Bormida village, Daniele Galliano, offered anyone who is willing to move there a considerable amount of money .

Before the Second World War, the Italian village used to house around 1, 000 people , but after war ended, the country developed and the village was left behind .

Located in the Italian mountains and boasting incredible views of the surroundings , no one could blame you if you consider moving there.
The mayor made a last attempt of getting people to move to his village, after posting videos on Facebook failed .

He hopes that the announcement he made would increase the number of inhabitants, which currently has stopped at 394.

The small Italian village had its mayor promising whoever decides to move to Bormida that he would pay new residents € 2, 000 ( $2 , 200) in cash.

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