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Millionaire opens doors of his $30 million home to 70 foster kids displaced by Hurricane Irma

Not all heroes wear capes and not all saviors hang on the cross. A Florida millionaire has opened his home to 70 displaced foster kids after the deadly Hurricane Irma ripped through the state.

The children, who are from the SOS Children’s Village in Florida, were forced out of their foster home into an emergency shelter in the wake of the deadly storm. The storm passed after five days and the children were finally able to return home. However, the storm left nearly half of the state without power, including the SOS Children’s village.

Upon hearing about the children’s plight, Marc Bell, a millionaire and board member of their foster care community, opened the doors of his $30 million, 27,000 square foot mansion and welcomed the children in. He made the home comfortable for them with a room in the house filled with arcade games and pool and air hockey tables.

Bell said: "Today, we had manicures for the little girls. We got Bobby the balloon guy coming later to entertain them. Yesterday during dinner, we had a singer come who plays guitar and sang songs with them."?

Bell, a former owner of Penthouse magazine, says it's unclear how long the children will be staying at his house.

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