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My Cheating Girlfriend’s Lover Nearly Cut Off My Arms, Man Claims

A man who allegedly caught his girlfriend in bed with another man said his love rival “ grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut (his ) arms. ”

Narrating his experience to a relationship expert , the 23 -year-old man said, “ My girlfriend is 24 and I’ m 23 . She was always having other guys and thought it was funny, especially when I’ d confront her and threaten to leave ..

“ She’ d plead with me to stay with her . I got off work early one Friday last month and caught her in bed with another guy . I shouted at her and chased him downstairs .

“ He must have thought I was going to hit him because he slashed me with a carving knife . I had to go to hospital and needed stitches .

“ She insisted they hadn’ t done anything but they were both in their underwear . We ’ ve since split up but she wants me back. I don ’ t know whether I still love her . ”

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