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Nigerians differ over Psquare’s breakup

After weeks of speculation, Peter Okoye finally admitted to fans that he had terminated his contract with Psquare. A letter purportedly written to their lawyer also circulated on the internet. While some think it was time they went their separate ways, others think otherwise.

Ugonna John Bosco
2 HOURS AGO Psquare has tried unitary govt, federal govt and restructuring, but all failed. Now, they opted for complete disintegration.

oPe RiChArd
Peter is smart though, I think he should kept it in the family but I like the way he convinced me that he is the good guy. #psquare

Perhaps God is using @PeterPsquare &
@rudeboypsquare to teach lessons on the options before Nigeria-division , restructuring or family fight .
— Reno Omokri (@ renoomokri )
September 26 , 2017

*Why una no wait until after my show on Saturday before una fight this fight ?!! You guys are … https: / /
— Basketmouth (@ basket _ mouth )
September 26 , 2017

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