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[READ THIS]Common Mistakes Emerging Brands Overlook On Social Media

Common mistakes emerging BRANDS overlook on social media which makes thier brand appear unproffesional. 

1. When posting or thanking someone on the comments section from your business page, use WE instead of I as it is assumed that you are an established company not a sole proprietor (Never give a hint that you (the owner)  are the one handling the page) 

2. Never, i repeat never post personal pictures on business pages, except it is one that has you on a flier as a speaker or something credible... Or perharps on your birthday which you must do the post as though it is from your employees. 

3. Follow the right brands!  People seldom check the people your business page follows...  It sends a message trust me. 

4. Give your self a target to post atleast 4 different posts a day, an active page gains and builds up its engagement. (People unfollow inactive pages, be vigilant) 

5. GROW YOUR FOLLOWERS!  It is also good to make your page look rich by buying more followers but my dear,  buy reasonably!  Once you do not have up to 500 posts you have no business buying 10k followers, people will automatically discredit your brand's integrity. Be a minimalist at it. 

6. Write less in bio!  Coco chanel will say "less is more", it is best to not give too much information away (especially if you have a website on the bio)  as you want to leave people hungry enough to check deep into your website or page. 

7. Acknowledge National Holidays! and always seem interested in the world around you. 

Do customised posts on holidays and happenings, it sends a message that you do care and belong somewhere in the world. 

8. Respond to DMs and Inquiries!  In as much as you want to be professional or maybe adopting the "luxury brand" approach, it is always very kind to respond to messages that is being directed to you, no matter how stupid they may be.... People do note these little things. 

9. Use crisp and clear images only!  Part of my next teaching will be "Building a luxury brand" where i will teach these extensively.  people should find your page catchy!  Make them fall in love with the overview... It forces followership and leaves a good mark. 

10. LEAVE A CONTACT!  your social media pages are not for fun but for business!  Make sure there is a contact on your bio, people should reach you on phone or emails and not be forced to slide into your DMs.

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