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Saving a dog is more important than a million Black people, says racist firefighter

An Ohio fire department has suspended one of its volunteer firefighters for a racist Facebook post suggesting he ’ d prefer to save a dog in an emergency than a black person.

Tyler Roysdon , a volunteer for Franklin Township, wrote that if he had to choose between saving a dog or a black man from a burning building , the dog would get priority, because “ one dog is more important than a million n rs . ”

Roysdon has since removed the post from his Facebook page , Huffington Post reports .
Once township officials discovered the post , Roysdon was suspended indefinitely , according to local station WHIO-TV .

The township will hold a disciplinary hearing for him on Sept . 27 , the station reported .

Because he is a volunteer, Roysdon is only paid when he is called to duty . Authorities said he will not be called while the suspension is in effect .

Township officials released an official statement about Roysdon on Thursday, confirming that he was suspended until the township ’ s board of trustees can meet to determine his fate :

“ Recently, a Franklin Township volunteer firefighter posted unacceptable remarks on social media. Upon gaining knowledge of this information , Fire Chief Steve Bishop immediately contacted the firefighter and directed the comments be removed.

“ The firefighter was suspended without pay until the Board of Township Trustees could meet to determine a course of action . Chief Bishop does not have the authority to terminate employees . Termination of any township employee requires a vote by the Board of Trustees

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