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Spotted in Lagos!! The Drone Invasion [DETAILS INSIDE]

Have you ever started your day planning what would happen expecting little or no surprises? Well, that was me yesterday, at least it was me until I got down from the commercial bus and saw people gathering in one place looking up at the sky. Curious, I looked up too and immediately understood why everyone was so fixated. What was in the sky, you may ask? Was it a bird or a plane? No… it was #ThePartyThatCounts Drone Invasion!

Yes oh… it is this same hashtag that has been on everyone’s social media handle all weekend. Thankfully, I came prepared this time and I’ve got pictures and videos to show you what happened.

Eager to break the news on social media and earn bragging rights, I raced to Instagram but noticed that I was carrying last. Apparently everyone else had already posted it. In fact, some people were asking their followers to spot the ‘drone man’, share a photo on social media, and win a free pass to attend

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