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Top 5 sex positions for lazy mornings in bed

It’s not every time you’ll be in the mood for the ‘Harder! Harder’ sex. Sometimes, you want sex, and not necessarily have to expend much energy on it.

Every human being has lazy mornings, if you’re in the mood for sex during those lazy mornings, here are a few sex positions that will definitely come in handy, according to Jill Hamilton , Cosmopolitan.

1. Lazy Sunday
Even from the name, you can guess, it’s something relaxed and quite laid back. It’s for those who have a bath. The level of relaxation in this is quite unusual, you can even bring a drink along, even finger foods if you like.

Get into the bath and soap each other up, let the lady sit in between your legs, with her back against your chest, then you begin to rub each other, if your tool is long enough, then a penetration is possible. Enjoy the beautiful slippery skin that you both are enjoying.

2. The wake up call
This is perhaps the best way to wake up, plant kisses all over your partner till you mouth gets down to their private part down below. For a guy, you’re waking her up by oral sex, and vice versa for the lady too.
These will be incredibly satisfying for partners who are well versed in the act of cunniligus.

3. The fuck snuggle
Perhaps the easiest to get into with your partner, in a position where you’re both facing each other, entangle your legs around each other and begin grinding. It doesn’t get any lazier than this.

As the sex is happening, it is also possible that an extra hand can do some extra stimulation. Stare into each other’s eyes and enjoy the moment while your private parts wrestle.
4. The slotted spoon
This is spooning on steroids, as depicted above, this position is mesh between a couple of spoon modifications. The guy is underneath, while the lady is above, and she is touching herself, which will be a thrilling experience then the guy underneath lets his early morning boner finally slip in there.

5. The snooze alarm
If you’re one with early morning breath problems, then this is for you. The lady lies on her stomach while the guy lies over her, and adjust her legs so that they guy can penetrate her from behind. This will make for a really good deep penetration.

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