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UN Security Council condemns North Korea missile launch

The UN Security Council on Friday strongly condemned North Korea’ s “ highly provocative” launch of a missile that flew over Japan and demanded that Pyongyang immediately halt such actions .

In a unanimous statement backed by China, the council said the launch was carried out just three weeks after a first missile overflew Japan and less than two weeks after Pyongyang ’ s sixth and biggest nuclear test .

The council “ strongly condemned these launches , condemned further the DPRK for its outrageous actions, and demanded that the DPRK immediately cease all such actions . ”
The statement however did not threaten further sanctions .

North Korea fired the intermediate ballistic missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific, responding to new UN sanctions with its furthest-ever missile flight .

The US Pacific Command confirmed Friday ’ s rocket was an intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM ) and said it did not pose a threat to North America or to the US Pacific territory of Guam , which Pyongyang has threatened to bracket with “ enveloping fire . ”

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