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What couples want their other halves to know!

A survey of married couples by British polling firm , Ginger Research, found that mood swings were the thing wives would most like to change in a partner .

And top of their list of things they hate is their husband ’ s grumpiness .

The following are the findings of the researchers:
For wives …
• 35 per cent would make their partner less grumpy .
• 30 per cent want their partners to be better listeners.
• Putting an end to bad habits is on the wish list for a quarter of wives .
• A quarter of wives would like their husbands to become more appreciative .
• Women want their spouses to drink less.
• They want men to help more with chores .
• Husbands are also expected to get rid of their beer belly.
• When men use the bathroom, women expect them to put the loo seat down before flushing .
• They also would like to change their husband ’ s height, facial hair – and table manners .
For husbands …
• The top request for almost one in four was for their spouse to be more affectionate .
• 22 per cent wished their other half was happier .
• One in five wanted their wives to be more adventurous in the bedroom .
• Overall, while the majority were happy in their marriage , 13 per cent said they were unsure if they had ended up with the right person.
• Men want their wives to ‘ dress sexier. ’
• The want their wives to stop watching ‘ bad TV programmes . ’
• They want wives to be more into sport.
• Men want their women to forget obsessing about their weight.

Relationship expert and psychologist Donna Dawson said: “ What ’ s surprising about this research is the number of men clamouring for more affection – this is usually the number one female gripe.

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