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Why I want to enlarge my butt –Cossy Ojiakor

That buxomy actress, Cossy Ojiakor, has one of the biggest boobs in the Nigerian entertainment industry , is a fact that has never been contested. Even though there have been a couple of new bloods who have displaced Cossy as the ultimate ‘ boob queen’ in the industry, the part-time singer is still one to be reckoned with in that department .

However , it seems Cossy is no longer satisfied with her mammoth mammary glands; she also wants bigger butt. She uploaded a picture of her butt on Instagram recently and asked for her followers ’ opinion as to whether she should go under the knife for a bigger backside .

In an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop , the actress explained why she is lusting for a larger bum. “ I am so happy that Nigerians are looking sexy . As a matter of fact I want to go and enlarge my butt . I think it is very small so I want a bigger one . I may have the surgery in December, January or any time I choose. I am seriously thinking about it. My message to everyone out there is, if you have any problem with your body , go ahead and do something about it. If it ’ s big boobs , or butt ; go ahead and do that. Otherwise, you will just be there watching other people make things happen. Back in the days, white people had flat butt , but now they are so sexy, ” she said.

Revisiting the issue of a Catholic priest she once threatened to expose for his immoral acts, she said , “ I was given money , so I won’ t say anything about that. I spoke about it then because it actually happened . All I just wanted to do was to let people know that because someone is out there preaching does not mean he is holier than everybody else. It wasn ’ t a personal fight with the priest. I ate his money , so I can never mention his name. I have nothing to gain by revealing his name, but be rest assured that the incident actually happened . ”
Speaking on her relationship status, Cossy said , “ I was engaged, but right now, I just don ’ t care. ”

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