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10 things to do with your private naughty book

Sexting is a skill that requires regular fine-tuning, you have to keep at it. Like any other sport, the more you do it, the better you can get at it.

At the height of your powers, you can sext someone you’re talking to for the very first time leading the way to shagging the person that same day, or even have the conversation with group of ladies that can result in an orgy, if that’s what you’re into.

In your journey to achieving this, you might need a physical naughty book to record things, if can either be a physical or digital. Your phone can also work as well as your laptop.

This book will help you take notes that can be used during your sex conversation. As a matter of suggestions and things that can interest them.

You need to find a secret place to hide this book, or lock it off somewhere no one can get to on your phone.

Here are ten reasons why you should get one as recommended by Tina Horn, a teacher, relationship expert and Author of Love Not Given Lightly.

1. Write down your sex dreams
We all wish we can remember our dreams, write them down and stuff. Writing down your sex dreams as soon as you wake up too is good, especially those ones that you enjoy. Be quick to write them down before you forget them.
Also your masturbation fantasies, record what you think might work for you sexually.

2. Create a Yes/No/Maybe list
It’s important that you know you enjoy, things you think you may enjoy, and things that you cannot stand, things absolutely off limits for you. Having this list can help guide what you suggest during the sext.

3. Write your own erotica
I know you’ll say you don’t have the skill for it. It doesn’t have to be like the ones you read. It’s what you enjoy, and writing about it can help you learn how to describe things sexually. Like I said, it doesn’t have to literary masterpiece.

4. Note down your favorite sexts
Write down the favorite things you’d love to say during a sext, then look at them and try to examine why they’re fan favorites, and see if you can develop others in that same manner.

5. Do a writing test
Not a full blown SAT or anything, just put down your thoughts on what you think a good date should be. How it should play out. From the how the online hook-up will work, your one night stand, threesome, romantic getaways and any kinky adventures. Set a timer for yourself for 10 minutes, and see how much stuff you can write down within that time frame, it will show you what is really important to you.

6. Create your list
Write down your favorite things about sex, your favorite positions, celebrities you’ll like to sleep with, your best sex scenes from movies, or even co-workers you’ll like to shag.

7. Watch porn and write a review
Funny but true, it’s okay to make mental notes about something but writing it down puts it in a better perspective. You can pick and choose, which moves you like, which ones you don’t or won’t be caught doing.

8. Read erotica and review it
With erotica, you’re looking into the mind of the writer as he narrates what he thinks it what makes sex enjoyable. Like the porn we mentioned earlier, write a review about what you feel about the erotica too.

9. Read it out aloud
Writing it is one step, reading it out aloud to yourself is another, read it to yourself and play it over and over in your head so you can have the chance to reword it if possible.

10. Write a detailed description of your sexual fantasies
Put it down, your innate dark secrets about what would really get you. Write it down, and read it back and forth to yourself. Look for ways of subtly hinting it to her. Who knows, she might be into it as well.

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