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5 great sex positions if you don’t live alone

Having roommates are fun but some people just don’t know how to read signals. Save for when you or your girlfriend are very bold about your sex and tell him/her to leave, some will stay with you in the room. Totally oblivious to your privacy need to get jiggy.

For some situations where you want to have sex and that roommate is being uncooperative, here are the best five sex positions you can use according to Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The fast and furious
Like we described earlier on, your roommate has no social awareness to know you want privacy, and he leaves the room, unsure of when he’ll be back, you can quickly get some before he heads back.
The guy is at the back of the girl, with one leg on the ground and the other on the bed, the guy supports himself by holding on to her waist, and penetrates from behind. More of a modified doggy style.

2. The bathroom break
Say he/she never leaves, and you’re both horny as fuck, how about you both relocating to the bathroom, he ought to get the message then. The girl sits on the sink facing the guy, while he stands in between her legs, and begins to thrust into her.
You can also open the shower, so he cannot hear all the moans.

3. The floor dog
So, you’re all in the same room, and everyone is asleep but you’ve a serious case of squeaky body, it keeps making noise based on the activity going on there. You can relocate to the floor, support her knees with pillows, get into doggy positions just close to the bed.

4. The headboard banger
The headboard can be such a bother, it can make noises that can wake your roommate. Move away from the top of the bed and relocate to the edge of the bed, the girls kneels over him backing him, and sits on the dick. She can support herself by holding the edge of the bed, as she goes back and forth on the dick.

5. The fuck and cover
Quite easy and disguised, while you’re watching a movie. Sit together and cover yourselves with a big blanket and mutually jerk each other off. You’ll need comfortable clothes that can allow you do that.

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