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5 super cool sex positions to do on a couch!

Depending on what kind of a man or woman you’re, your eventual choice of where to have sex will be defined.

If you’re a traditional person, then you want it where it is comfortable and much more rewarding or an adventurous person who likes to have fun, and take sex probably everywhere.

Sex for people in relationship or one night stand can begin on the couch and when it gets heated, it is taken to the bedroom. How about if you just finish it there, won’t that be nice? Let’s help you with ideas of what sex positions you can use for couch sex, as explained by Jill Hamilton ,
1. The channel surfer
The make-out session has gotten intense and the sex is sure. How about she bends over the arm of the couch then the guy penetrates her from behind. The guy can hold the ass for support and the position can support deeper penetration.

2. The VIP section
In this position, the guy sits down comfortably, the lady kneels in between his legs, and then give the guy the best oral sex ever known to him. When he’s done, you can switch the person, where the lady also sits down and the guy kneels in between her legs and gives her the best oral sex he can.

3. The lazy boy
If you’ve got a couch that reclines, then this one is for you. The guy sits and reclines the chair then the lady straddles him. She can choose to face him as she rides him, to make it more intense, the guy can either choose to rub her clitoris or work the boobs.

4. The greasy spoon
This is a classic spoon position but with this modification, the spoon can get deeper. The lady can take her top leg and lodge it over the back of the couch. Not only is the position sweet, it is also romantic. Depending on how flexible he is, he can get a hand in there and lube it up then tease the clitoris.

5. The couch tease
This position isn’t really penetrative sex but works as a naughty play. Sit facing each other and the ends of the couch. Bring in a remote control sex toy and begin to tease each other, then control the toy from mild to rough back and forth.

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