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5 sweet sex positions for your wedding night

There is an ongoing debate about sex on wedding night. Some people think the couples will be too tired to have sex that same night while some people think it’s unforgivable not to have sex that night.

The wedding night is the time to consummate the marriage, let us help you find the sweetest and romantic way to treat your partner to orgasm to sum up a wonderful day.

Here are five smooth and really good sex positions for your wedding night, according to Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The after wedding bath
If you’ve got a bathtub, then this is for you. How about settling into a bath after all of the dancing and plenty things you’ve gotten into all day at the party. It’s a refreshing experience sitting in the bath and reminiscing about the day before she sits on your penis and thrusts in and out until you’re both thoroughly satisfied.

You can do this on the wedding night or when you wake up the morning after.

2. The wedding presence
How about replicating the same stance you had to do earlier in the day when you were about to be joined together as man and wife in front of family as witnesses. You both stand facing each other in front of the priest, this time around, there are no witnesses, just you and your partner.

You can do it with the clothes on, depends on what you and your partner think it’s sexy. He can leave the bowtie on, and she can leave the hair packed. Just have fun with your Mr. and Mrs privileges.

3. The happily ever after
So, you’re both tired but she seems more tired than you and the man decides to give her a rubdown, as a romantic and caring guy. The oils are out and you’re rubbing her nude back, and it begins to become more and more erotic. You could easily have sex in that position, easily slide into her vagina and let the slow roll continue from there.

4. The bedded bliss
This might be the most ideal position if the lady is a virgin, and for religious folks. This is the time for you to have sex that is acceptable to God and the church. The lady lies on her back with her legs open, you can both rock yourselves back and forth. It’s one of the best ways to start as a married couple.
It takes it easy before it becomes hard and fast, it’s romantic and sweet.

5. Taking the plunge
You may have done this loads of time before you got married but because it’s official, it should be celebrated. To make this hotter, before the big day. Plan to stay away from sex for a while. The guy carries the lady, and making out while at it, then takes her over a surface, and do this while you’re still in your wedding attires.

Let the inconvenience of the wedding outfits make it sweeter for you all.

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