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8 things you shouldn’t stick into your vagina

There may come a time when a lady’s hands cannot satisfy a lady anymore. There could be a thousand and one reasons why she cannot have a real dick, and fearful enough that she cannot go out to buy herself a dildo. So, she is stuck with a makeshift sex toy.

Some of these toys are ingenious, I have to admit that but they’re also very dangerous, unsafe to use. Dr. Kurian Thott, a gynecological surgeon, Dr. Dana Rice , founder of UTI Tracker app, and a urologist in Washington, and Dr. Sherry A. Ross, the author of She-ology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health Period and OBGYN all share their thoughts on dangerous makeshift dildos and vibrators when they speak with Carina Hsieh ,

Dr. Sherry analyzes that the most trusted materials used for sex toys are made from silicone, which are easy to clean and don’t increase the risk of vaginal infections.

1. Cucumber
This is perhaps one of the most popular makeshift dildo. It’s very dangerous because the vegetable has been treated with pesticide or chemicals when they were being preserved.
They can transfer bacteria to the vagina, and cause irritation. So wear a condom for the cucumber?

2. Marker
I’m as surprised as you, that people use markers. Dr. Rice says she is also worried by people who use this. "It is possible that vigorous masturbation can tear or irritate urethra and vaginal tissues." You can also run the risk of the cap getting removed and stuck in the vaginal vault.

3. Hot dogs
If you’re in desperation and thinking of using hotdog. Dr Rice reveals that bacteria transfer can happen from uncooked hotdog in the vaginal area. Although, there is no huge risk of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), but there is the risk of vaginal infection or irritation. It can irritate the urethra or the posterior bladder wall.

4. Broomstick
This might look solid, but there is risk of serious injury if this is used to masturbate. Some of the problem with the stick is that it can splinter, and some of it get lodged in there, painful.
Also it’s porous, that can lead to bacteria risks.

5. Bottles (Plastic or glass)
Because the bottle may contain food, there is the risk of transferring bacteria into the vagina. Dr. Sherry says she has been told of patients brought into the emergency room because they had glass stuck in their vagina or ass, not to speak of the injuries it can cause if it breaks.

*6. Tools (Flashlight, screwdriver, pliers, etc)
If you ever think of using mechanical tools like this, there is a problem. The sharp edges of these tools can cause serious injuries, Dr. Rice also said she has been told that batteries and caps of the flashlights came off and got stuck in the anal cavity, vagina as well. Trying to get it out of your ass is also an adventure you not look forward to.

7. Candles or Soaps
This was made popular by girls in the only girl schools, scented candles can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Dr. Thott explains that using soap for clitoral stimulation can be troublesome. It’s in your best interest to avoid soaps and candles around your vagina.

8. Curling Iron**
I get it, it looks like a slim dick, and for the love of God, make sure it isn’t on. Dr. Rice also advises against it because it can be too wide for the vagina, and possibly irritate the urethra.

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