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[EPISODE 1] The Other Side of Fate

As I walked down the aisle to meet my husband to be, I only had one thing in mind to meet my husband to be who happened to be the love of my life and seal our love fate forever.

Gush he looked so cute and he’s wearing that his beautiful smile that sends shiver down my spine, and he looks expectant and ready to receive and say his vows to me.

Time stood still as I approached, I was oblivious of the people around me and only had eye for the only person that matters to my heart, it appears like people were trying to say something but I could hear nothing but my heartbeat and the echoes of our love, he waves as I drew closer but who waves their bride to be goodbye whilst waiting for her on the altar?

Maybe he’s just waving to assure me of his presence with a smile so cute as I approached but then there’s only way to find out which is getting close enough to find out which it is. I got closer and received the most shocking news of my life...

I shared an apartment with my best friend Lolu whom I value and love so much, until his girlfriend Seyi almost killed me. Lolu and I have been childhood friends since like forever, he’s a cousin who turned into a bestie although people thought we screwed each other because of our closeness. We attended same nursery and primary school, university and even served together.

I went back to our original base after service, I’m like what you would refer to as a hustler, though my mum is very much comfortable which will provide all my needs and more I refused to bask in her glory rather I chose to diversify In so many business.

I do digital marketing for companies, make and supply coconut and carrot oil, make wigs, closures and frontals and even make ready to wear clothes, invested in a snail farm and looking to venture into online kitchen. Lolu felt a hustler like me is what the Lagos market needs and kept on pitching that I move to Lagos and in with him at least for the mean time till I could get my own place.

He said Ado is not a place I need to settle, I finally concurred with him after much pressure and set off to Lagos, I didn’t plan to stay long at his place so I used the first week of my stay to search for a house and luckily I got and paid for one which would be ready in a month’s time.
Lolu wasn’t so happy that I wanted to live all by myself but then It’s my decision and he just have to respect it. His girlfriend always come over unannounced to spend the night maybe because she saw me as a threat but then I didn’t mind sleeping on the couch each time she came around, I put up with her annoying presence even though I didn’t like her.

Lolu and I were out one night at Neo’s when she called and asked for our whereabouts, realising that she will soon be gracing us with her presence I threw a shade at Lolu stood up and headed for the door to go chill for them outside but as I opened the door to step out I tripped and was heading for the floor when he caught me by my arm.

I looked at him, our eyes met and time froze, he’s the cutest being I’ve ever met, we were still lost in our world when an obnoxious lady who from all indication seems to be his wife tossed me to the side and with one long hiss drew him in.

I just smiled like hell he’s too cute to be single, happy and satisfied that he at least held me for a few seconds; I walked to the car, opened the front door and sat on the passenger’s seat. Lost to my phone now, he walked towards me and with the sweetest voice ever said
‘Hi, what will a pretty lady like you be doing out here all by yourself?’

‘Staying away from cute married men like you, who might lure one into their nest with just an eye contact.’ ‘Mmm, are you trying to say you almost fell for me? What could I do to have you all wrapped up in there?’

‘L-o-l very funny, try harder’
‘Lady, you are beautiful and I’d love above everything else to know you more, I’m Prince Temilola Adebayo and you are?’ I smiled and said ‘Simisola Bankole’

‘Simi please it will so please me to get your contact.’ I gave it to him and our love story began. That night, Lolu’s girlfriend who happens to be a staunch bisexual tried to force herself on me whilst I slept on the couch and I fought my way to freedom through shouting, and smashing the glass of water beside me. Her boyfriend raced downstairs and saw her on the floor beside me with me breathing hard, he stared at her long and hard, hissed and walked back to the room.

The next morning, he explained to me the true nature of his girlfriend, apologised and asked me to move out and move into a hotel, he explained that he love both his girlfriend and I and wouldn’t love to lose us both. He offered to pay for the hotel bills while I wait for my apartment to get ready.

I was angry but I understood him and went for a date with Temi that evening. It was really a date I looked up to, he was everything I always wanted and at that point I forgot he was married. We talked about so many things and he said something that struck me looking straight into my eyes

‘I want to make sweet, passionate love to you.’ I was dumbfounded and thrilled at the same time; I finally found my tongue and spoke
‘Are you always this ...’

‘I was going to say forward’ I finally said, he then replied
‘Permit me, Simi but I find you very attractive no offense.’ He drove me back home after the date and we continued to chat on Whatsapp, he stole my heart by bits with every word that falls out of his mouth.

The next morning Lolu and I spoke about Temi for a long time whilst I packed my stuff, we settled and he dropped me off at the hotel.

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