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[EPISODE 2] The Other Side of Fate

Temilola called few minutes after my mum, I gave him the address and he came over, we discussed about Lolu and his girlfriend, he wasn’t happy that I’m in a hotel all by myself and offered his house in Dolphin estate but I declined he opted to return after his meeting so we could talk properly, he turned to leave but kissed me instead and that kiss made everything great.

We kissed so passionately and before you could say jack we were on the bed without clothes.
He caressed my body and whilst we kissed, caressed my body only stopped to fondle when he got to my boobs, he fondled it gently and pinched my hard tits making a pout. He trailed his tongue to my tits as he held it in place for his tongue and once they made contact he sucked gently but fiercely, what I was feeling inside was indescribable.

I don’t know but for unknown reasons the feelings moved me close to tears, he noticed me sobs moved up and licked it off my face, he then positioned his erect dick directly on my pussy and sort for my permission with his eyes looking deep into my soul, I concurred and he plunged in and sent me to a place of bliss.

I shut my eyes with my mouth agape and moaned out loud, each stroke was sensual and electrifying; it bonded our souls together and set a new pace for us. I moved out of the hotel the next day and moved into the apartment in Dolphin estate, he treated me like a princess. He asked to see my mum and I took him home, mum received him happily and the respect doubled when she found out that he’s a prince the popular Prince Adebayo at that.

After the visit to mum’s who obviously gave her blessings, he ordered that I stop doing deliveries and work in a shop he’s going to open for me, I agreed though after a fight and he returned in the evening with a car for me.
Things fell apart when I went to check out the new shop and an unknown guy poured urine on me, I went home mad at him accusing his wife, he defended his wife saying she knew beforehand that he was going to take a new wife which was me but I refused to listen and asked him out of the house.

I went out the next day to go see an agent for a new apartment, but he came ordered the guy out and reprimanded me for trying to get a new place. Later in the evening same day I was sitting out with Lolu when he came, I was angry with him and even accused him of stalking me, he tried to talk but I shut him up, he dropped the envelope and left after Lolu assured him that he was going to talk to me, on opening the envelope I found out he gave me the deed to the house.

Lolu and Mum spoke and I listened and made up with him, on Christmas day he came very late that he should looking very agitated, I found out his daughter almost drowned same day but weirdly he was thinking about me whilst trying to save daughter.

On boxing day I took a PT and it came out positive, Lolu was concerned about me being a baby mama while mum was super happy that my fate with him is sealed, him on the other hand was the happiest man ever he called his parents and told them and they told him to hurry up and make it official, but the next day his wife and a friend of hers beat the baby off me and I ended up on a hospital bed.

He was furious, his parents brought her to apologise to me, she said it nonchalantly and left, Lolu saw reasons with her and asked me to call it off, but I’m so in love with him to do so. Time flew and everything for our wedding was set for the 14th of February after his proposal, but on the 13th I had this nut in my tummy like something was wrong which I couldn’t place my hand on, he was taking so long to return home and I was getting restless.

We decided on a quiet pre-wedding party for just the both of us but I had to call Lolu to come stay with me because I grew worried over waiting for him, he has never taken this long to come visit me before but for some reason I do
not know he was two hours late..

Lolu brought my favourite wine and poured me some but the glass broke the moment I held it, I screamed and started crying, Lolu held me whilst trying to calm me down but just then he walks in all sweaty with a not so bad swollen head.

I rushed him and asked a thousand questions at a time asking if he was okay, he replied in the affirmative, bade Lolu goodbye and walked me to the room. I played dress up for Temilola, cuffed him to the cushion and just as the slutty cop that I dressed like; I stripteased for him before giving him a blowjob and then straddling him so we could make love. Later that night whilst making love to me, he told me
‘I give you my spirit, soul and body through this bond and with this I plant my seed in you.’ The words were deep but I didn’t think much of it, my phone rang, a call from Lolu but he took it and turned it off.

The next morning we got ready together, I entered my car and rode to church and he, his after assuring me of meeting me at the altar.
I walked down the aisle with him waving at me with a sad face but a smile so cute. I got to the altar only to meet Lolu who gave me the saddest news of my life, Temilola had passed away yesterday just before he returned through a car crash.

He was just as shocked as I was because he saw him before he left the house only to be called by Temi’s mum to be related with the news, he didn’t believe him till he saw him in the mortuary.

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