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Funke and her naughty sexcapades [Finale]

Funke tossed him a lustful glance before opening her mouth wide and allowing him to push his dick past her soft lips and into her accepting mouth. Grabbing the back of her head, he forced the entire length of his shaft down her throat, causing her to choke as his heavy balls pressed against her chin.
"What a slut!" Kunle exclaimed, slapping Funke hard on the ass.

Tobi withdrew his dick, leaving a sticky strand of saliva connecting it to her mouth. He then, slapped her across the face with his wet dick as his friend continued to fuck her ass with long deep thrusts. I was becoming completely surprised with the lack of respect these two were showing my girlfriend, but I had to admit it was turning me on.

As the trio descended further into into depravity, I found it impossible to prevent myself from touching myself and soon found my hand tightly gripping the bulge in my pants.
"Yes!" Funke shouted as Tobi's wet dick slapped sharply across her lips. ""Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Use me! I'm your slut!"..

Encouraged by my girlfriend's vulgar enthusiasm, Tobi pulled her head up by the hair so that was now looking directly into his lust-filled eyes as he rubbed his slippery, wet dick all over her face, leaving a glistening slimy trail in its wake.
"You're my slut?" He asked, holding her head in place.

"Yessss," she hissed back, her tongue lashing out in an effort to taste more of his dick.
"And you'll do anything I want?"
"Oh yeah!" Funke reiterated, wincing suddenly as Kunle drove his dick deep into her ass with a quick but forceful thrust. "Anything."

With that, Tobi let go of her hair and turned around, getting on all fours. My mouth dropped open and my breathing stopped when I realized what was going to happen. Shuffling backwards, he pushed his ass right into Funke's face as he reached back to regain his hold on her hair.
"Lick it slut!" he ordered, grinding his ass back onto her mouth. "I want to feel your tongue on my asshole!"

Funke let out what could only be described as a moan of complete ecstasy as she allowed her face to be buried in Tobi's ass. It was obvious that this new turn of events had only heightened her sexual arousal as she continued to allow herself to be debased in every way possible. I bent my head to the side to get a better view and was able to make out my girlfriend's skilful tongue flickering around his tightly asshole.
"Come on slut!" he shouted. "You can do better than that. Show me what a filthy slut you can be!"

Funke began moaning into his ass as she increased the vigour with which she licked him. Kunle was now fucking her ass with long, deep thrusts, each one pushing her face harder into his friend's ass.

"Lick it slut!" Kunle screamed as he grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of her head and forced her face forward. "Lick that ass!"
Funke stiffened her tongue and started to poke relentlessly at Tobi's asshole, urged on by Kunle's forcefulness. I stood up from my seat and moved forward to get a better view. My girlfriend was actually tongue fucking his ass! With every push of Kunle's hand I could see the tip of her tongue disappear into Tobi's hole.
As I neared closer, she cast me a look from the corner of her eye, winking as she gave him a particularly long, lustful lick over the puckered surface..

"Tell your boyfriend what you are," Kunle suggested, releasing her hair and going back to sliding his dick in and out of her ass.

Funke turned her head slightly and spoke in a halting tone as each thrust of Kunle's dick sent her tongue stabbing into Tobi's saliva soaked asshole.

"I'," she managed to say, looking up at me with a sexually possessed stare.
I couldn't take it any more. Unbuttoning my trousers, I fished out my long dick and began to stroke it as I continued to watch the sexual scene with perverted interest. Tobi also began to stroke his dick, jerking it in pace with my girlfriend's attacking tongue.

"Oh !" he blurted out suddenly, spinning around just in time to send a massive stream of hot white cum splashing off Funke's lips and chin. Joyfully, she opened her mouth wide in an effort to catch the next shot, but it landed on her forehead, dripping down between her eye and nose..

A few seconds later my girlfriend's face was a mess and her fingers were working feverishly to scoop the creamy white fluid into her hungry mouth.

Apparently the messy scene was too much for Kunle to take and he let out an endless stream of profane curses as he emptied his swollen balls into Funke's asshole.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, tossing her head back with content as she felt the warm sticky fluid being injected inside her.

Kunle pulled his dick out just in time to send the last few squirt of hot cum over her ravaged asshole and creamy ass cheeks. The sudden exit of his dick was followed by a thin trickle of cum that flowed from Funke's tiny ass hole, down the back of her leg and onto the floor below her.

She looked as though she was about to collapse with exhaustion when I reached out and grabbed her by the hair, my fist pumping furiously around my dick.

At first she looked surprised but soon a wide smile spread across her cum covered face and she opened her mouth, extending her tongue in a filthy but beckoning way. I then shot what must have been the biggest load of my life directly onto her waiting tongue..

Some of the sticky fluid dripped off the edges and down her chin, but the majority either spurted into the back of her throat or pooled on the outstretched surface of her tongue.
After the last drop had landed, Funke gave all of us an incredibly slutty glare before tossing her head back and swallowing the remaining cum.

There was then a short period of awkward silence as Kunle and Tobi put their clothes back on. Funke gave them a cheerful "thank you" before heading to the bathroom leaving the three of us alone in the living room. I made a quick excuse to go into the bedroom in order to excuse myself from the ensuing uncomfortable situation.

While sitting alone, attempting to process what had just transpired, I heard Funke say goodbye to the guys as they left. I then walked out back into the living room to find my girlfriend staring sheepishly at me with her big eyes. She had changed into her pyjamas and had cleaned the majority of Tobi's cum from her face, although the room still smelled strongly of sex.
"Well?" I asked. "Did you have fun?"
"Ooohhhhh yes!" she responded with a relaxed and contented sigh.

There was then a short period of silence before she spoke again.
"Did you like it?"
I contemplated the question before answering.
"Yeah," I said finally. "I think I did."
"Did it turn you on?"
"Oh yes."
Funke's cheerful face then become quite serious.

"Did it turn you on to see me being treated like that?"
"Yes it did. A lot actually."
"Do you think you want to see something like that again?"
"Why?" I asked, my eyes narrowing. "Do you want to do it again?"
"Well, kind of. There are some other things I like to try."

"Oh really?"
"Yeah. Like...I really like to get it in both holes at the same time. That's always been kind of a fantasy of mine."
I nodded, feeling my dick start to rise back to life at the mere mention of double penetration.
"Yeah," I said. "Okay. I guess we could do that."
Funke's face lit up instantly.

"Good!" she exclaimed as she made her way back to the bathroom. "And maybe I could have three guys at once! Or four! And rougher. I definitely want it to be more rough."

Her voice trailed off as the bathroom door closed behind her.
"More rough?" I muttered to myself. "What am I getting myself into?"

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