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Funke and her naughty sexcapades [Part 4]

As we entered the room I took notice of the two guys sitting at either end of the chair. Both were good looking and had kind of a 'rugged' look about them. One seemed taller and had deadlock. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and a pair of shorts, while his friend was dressed in a tight white shirt and trouser.
"Lenny," Funke introduced. "This is Tobi and Kunle."

I shook their hands which seemed kind of awkward. Apparently Tobi was the taller one.
I took a seat in a chair opposite the couch as Funke put on some music. None of us said a word until she returned.
"Are you gonna dance for us again?" Kunle asked, smiling at my girlfriend.
"Not today," she responded. "If it's alright with you, I would like to get down to business."
With that, she pulled off her gown leaving all three of us open-eyed with awe.

Funke was dressed in a skimpy outfit underneath consisting of a pair of white underwear veiled by a sexy white transparent mini-skirt, although it could barely be called even that. She had a matching bra on that was fashioned from the same material and so was also see-through. She looked amazing!

She gave a spin, showing off her new outfit before walking over to the chair, casting a mischievous gaze back at me over her shoulder. I watched her as she walked, mesmerized by the subtle motion of her ass swaying back and forth under the thin transparent material.
Funke took a seat between Kunle and Tobi, and the two friends slid in closer, enclosing my girlfriend between them. She placed a hand on each of their legs, smiling back at me as she moved up to their crotches giving each one a gentle squeeze.

"Ooooo", she said, pursing her lips together. "Hard already? You guys must like my new outfit."
With that, she turned to Tobi, kissing him full on the lips as she grabbed between his legs. From my vantage point I could see their tongues entwined in a lustful dance as Funke began to moan. Kunle placed his hand and her smooth thigh and slid it up between her legs, kissing the back of her shoulder as he pressed his fingers against her pussy through the thin material of her underwear.

It had begun. I was now watching my girlfriend getting it on as I sat less than ten feet away. I was close enough to her hear subtle moans and smell the faint scent of her perfume.
"She's wet," Kunle exclaimed, rubbing his fingers against my girlfriend's pussy.

Tobi reached up and cupped one of Funke's breasts in his large hand, increasing the volume of her sensual moaning. Funke spread her legs wide to allow Kunle better access and also to give me a better view as he pulled her panties to the side, exposing her hairless pussy. I then watched in a daze as he slipped a finger inside her, pushing it in up to the knuckle in her tiny wet pussy.

She gasped as his finger entered her, breaking her kiss with Tobi. Tobi, in turn, began kissing his way down her neck, pulling off her bra and tossing it to the side. Funke was running her hands through his locs and clenching her teeth as he sucked her nipple into his mouth to complement Kunle's finger in her pussy. Her eyes full of wild lust, she looked over at me, staring into my eyes.

I swallowed hard. I had never seen Funke look at me like that. It was as if she was becoming possessed. My hands gripped the arms of the chair as my dick strained against the inside of my trouser. I was frozen and could not pull my eyes away from the scene unfolding before me.
Kunle pulled his fingers from Funke's pussy, and offered them to her, glistening with her own juices. Keeping her eyes transfixed on me, she sucked the finger into her mouth, relishing in the sweet taste of her own fluids.

"Okay boys," she said, letting Kunle withdraw his finger from between her soft lips.
"Let's get those clothes off! I need some dick. Now!"
Tobi and Kunle scrambled to remove their clothing as fast as possible as Funke dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl towards me like a cat.

"How are you doing baby?" she asked, in a sweet, sincere voice. "Are you having fun?"
I nodded.
"Are you ready to see more?" she asked, reaching up to feel the hardness in my crotch. "Are you ready to see your sweet little Funke get fucked like a sluttt?"
I nodded.

"Good," she purred, patting my aching dick through my pants.
"Just sit back and enjoy the show."
With that, she turned back to her two lovers who were now both completely naked. Extending her arm she motioned for them to come to her, bringing the trio even closer to me..

Funke was now on her knees a mere three feet from my sitting place and she smiled devilishly as the two men came up on either side of her, their erect dicks bobbing as they walked.

"Oh yeah, she moaned with satisfaction reaching out to either side grabbing a dick in each of her small hands.
"Do you want to see me suck these dicks?" she asked me, using her most innocent voice as she stroked one.
I nodded.

"Do it baby," I said softly.
Funke first leaded towards Tobi, licking the tip of his dick, teasing him by wiggling her tongue into his dick hole. As she pulled away, I noticed a thin strand of precum connecting her tongue with Tobi's dick. She gave a smile and slurped the slimy strand into her mouth.

She then turned to Kunle, pulling him in closer and enclosing her lips around his mushroom-like crown, sucking softly as she gazed up into his eyes. Placing a hand on Funke's head, he urged her to take more of him into her mouth.
Her eyes shifted from his to mine as he pushed his dick through her lips and into the back of her throat. As he held her by the hair, he withdrew, his dick glistening wet with my girlfriend's saliva.
"Oh yeah baby," Kunle moaned. "Suck that dick!"

It was a little strange to hear someone else talk to my girlfriend that way, but I had to admit that it turned me on. My dick was aching but I still managed to refrain from touching it as I continued to watch the lewd scene before me.

Funke was now alternating between the two dicks, giving one a few wet sucks before switching back to the other. Her tiny hands were pumping wildly and her head was bobbing back and forth on the dick in her mouth.
"You're such a good little dick sucker," Tobi said, reaching down to grab a handful of Funke's shimmering hair.

Funke moaned in approval, urging him to continue his dirty talking as she released Kunle's dick, turning fully towards Tobi. Tobi grinned and began pumping his dick in and out of the mouth using both hands to hold her head in place. He was face fucking my girlfriend!

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