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Funke and her naughty sexcapades [Part 6]

Lenny continues to watch the spectacle in front of him, how two guys are fucking the daylight out of his girlfriend, while she spews insane profanity.

With that, she shoved Kunle's dick back into her mouth, stemming her unceasing flow of filthy talking for the moment. It also prevented her from squealing when Tobi pushed his thumb into her ass as he fucked her.

"Oh god!" she moaned as he sunk his thumb deep into her tight hole. "That feels so good!"
Funke was alternating between moaning and licking Kunle's balls, when she spoke again.
"Put me on the floor!" she blurted out.
"Put me on the floor and fuck me like the slut I am!"
Kunle pulled his dick out of her mouth and grabbed my girlfriend by the hair, half dragging her onto the living room floor.

Tobi allowed his dick to slip free of her pussy and gave her a hard slap on the ass as she crawled off the couch.
"Do it man," Kunle encouraged. "Stick your dick up her ass!"
Tobi jammed two fingers into Funke's pussy, roughly fingering her as his friend dropped to his knees in front of her..

"Is that what you want?" he asked, withdrawing his fingers and wetting his shaft with her pussy juices. "You want my dick in your ass now?"
"Fuck yes!" she exclaimed. "Use me! Use me like a worthless slut!"

Tobi gritted his teeth as he rubbed his wet dick from her tailbone down the crack of her ass. Funke purred as she felt his dick head sliding back and forth over her tight little opening. Reaching back between her legs, she began to rub her clit as his dick came to rest against her ass hole.

"Do it!" she said quietly. "Put it in."
With a look of intense concentration, Tobi began to push his dick into my girlfriend's asshole. Funke's mouth opened and a subtle moan escaped her lips as her tight muscular ring opened up around his invading shaft.
"Uhhhhhhhh," she groaned as his thick pole slipped farther into her ass hole.

Funke turned her head to the side and rested her face on the carpet as her fingers worked frantically at her pussy. Tobi forced the remainder of his dick inside her, filling her asshole completely.
"Oh my God!" he exclaimed, splaying her ass cheeks to see his dick embedded in her hole.
"You slut! Your asshole feels so good!"
"Then fuck it!" she demanded. "Fuck my asshole!"

I shifted uneasily in my seat. Even with Funke's warning, I had never expected things to go this far. The size of my dick at that moment, however, told me that I was not completely opposed to the filthy events taking place.
Kunle, who was starting to feel left out, shifted around to Funke's sideways turned face and rubbed his dick along her lips.

"Open up baby," he taunted, slapping her lightly with his dick.
Funke parted her lips and Kunle moved forward, shoving his dick into her mouth as he held the back of her head with both hands. He then held her head firmly pressed against the floor as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth, using her face in a most vulgar fashion.
"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, as Tobi proceeded to sink his thick dick into my girlfriend's tight asshole.

Her moans of pleasure would have been louder if not for the fact that her voice was almost completely muffled by Kunle's dick. Tobi began fucking her harder, building up speed as he sprayed her ass cheeks wide in order to enjoy the site of his pole invading Funke's tiny hole.
An endless stream of profanity flowed from his mouth as he continued to call my girlfriend every filthy, disrespectful name he could think of.

"You like that slut?" he asked, driving his dick deep inside her. "You like being my little ass slut?"
"Fuck yes!" she exclaimed, spitting Kunle's wet dick out of her mouth. "I love it! I love your dick in my asshole! Fuck me! Use me! Use me like the slut I am!"

The two friends continued to debase my girl for a few more minutes before Kunle requested a change.
"Let me try that tight ass now," he suggested.
Tobi gave Funke a few more thrusts for good measure, before agreeing to his friend's suggestion.
"Would you like that whore?" he asked, slapping her hard on the ass. "Do you want another dick in your ass?"

"Yessss," she purred, although at that point I was quite sure that there was nothing that she would refuse to do.
My girlfriend was acting like a complete slut. I had rarely witnessed this type behaviour even in porn movies, but yet for some reason, I suspected the worst was yet to come.

She gasped as Tobi pulled his dick out of her ass and moved aside to allow Kunle to get in position. Kunle licked his lips enthusiastically as he knelt behind her, eyeing her exposed asshole hungrily. Funke looked back over her shoulder, shooting him a look of complete desire as he rubbed the head of his dick up and down the crack of her ass.
"Come on baby," my girlfriend coaxed. "Put it in. I want that dick in my ass!"
Kunle smiled back at her.
"Beg!" he ordered. "I want to hear you beg for it."

"Please!" she blurted out instantly. "Please stick that big dick in my tight asshole!"
Kunle smiled again and pressed his dick against her tiny opening.
"Oh yes!" Funke exclaimed, feeling her tight hole open up around his invading shaft. "Shove it in. I want to feel it all the way in my ass!"

Grabbing a hold of her hips, he then pulled her ass back to meet his thrusting dick. She pressed her head against the floor and groaned as her asshole quickly filled with dick. Tobi was watching with admiration but wanted back in on the action. Dropping to his knees in front of Funke he grabbed a handful of her hair and roughly pulled her head back up.
"No way!" I muttered to myself. "There's no way she would do that!"

"Taste your ass on my dick slut!" he ordered, thrusting his glistening pole into her face.

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