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Global Pollution Kills 9⃣ M a Year


Pollution kills at least nine million 👥people & costs trillions of dollars every year, according to the most comprehensive 🌐global analysis to date, which ⚠warns the crisis “⚠threatens the continuing survival of human societies”.

The vast majority of the pollution 💐deaths occur in poorer nations & in some, such as 🇮🇳India, 🇹🇩Chad & 🇲🇬Madagascar, pollution causes a quarter of all 💐deaths. The 🌐international researchers said this burden is a hugely expensive drag on developing economies.

Rich nations still have work to do to tackle pollution🔊: the 🇺🇸US & 🇯🇵Japan are in the top 🔟 for 💐deaths from “modern” forms of pollution, ie fossil⛽ fuel-related air pollution & chemical pollution. But the 👓scientists said that the big improvements that have been made in developed nations in recent decades show that beating pollution is a winnable battle if there is the political will.

Low-income & rapidly industrialising countries are worst affected, suffering 92% of pollution-related 💐deaths, with 🇸🇴Somalia suffering the highest rate of pollution 💐deaths. 🇮🇳India, where both traditional & modern pollution are severe, has by far the largest number of pollution 💐deaths at 2.5m. 🇨🇳China is second with 1.8m & 🇷🇺Russia & the 🇺🇸US are also in the top 10.

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