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Grace's midnight sex romp with her Oga

Grace hissed silently as she rolled around on the mat, it's been a long stressful day for her and not falling asleep was beginning to get her angry, she closed her eyes and thought about Ada, and how pretty she was even though she was crazy.

She needs to stay away from the girlfriends of the guy's she fucked, she thought about how she went down on her and how good it had felt, Grace let her hand slip under her wrapper and she played with her pant, she thought about what Ada used on her pussy that vibrated.

She felt a moan escape her throat as she thought about the vibrator, she shifted her pant to the side and rubbed her clit, she pressed down on it slightly and started to rub it faster.
She thought about Ada's lips around her boobs and she worked her clit faster, she bit down on her lips to stop her moans from getting louder, she was getting closer to her release so she tugged at her nipples, her finger still pressed on her clit she let two fingers slip down lower into her wet hole.

She pushed them in and started to move against her hand hitting her clit as she did, she rubbed her nipple between her thumb and index with her eyes still closed, she shoved her fingers deeper in moving faster.
Her eyes flew open to the darkness and she opened her mouth to scream as she felt a hand on her lap

"Shhhh! Grace na me" she heard her Oga said
She breathed out, bringing her hands over her lips till her breathing was steady
"Eh Grace, yo u know na" Her oga said rubbing her laps gently, he followed her eyes to where the kids were lying down
"Madam dey sleep n we go do small small" He said

She looked at him not sure what she should do, she couldn't really say no and she needed to cum too, so she adjusted how she was lying and reached out till she grabbed his hand, she led it to her boobs, he squeezed and was soon pulling at the top she was wearing, she lifted the top exposing her boobs to him.

He found her nipple and covered it with his mouth, he sucked like he was hungry and she was worried he was making too much sucking noise, she reached around for his dick and she found it, he quickly undid his trouser and she felt his hard dick, she stroked till it felt rock hard.

She turned around to get on all fours as silently as she could, she reached around and grabbed his dick and gently pulled it to her ass, she spread open her ass cheeks and he struggled to find her pussy, she helped him out and he slipped in inch by inch into her pussy, she pushed into him and he started to move
"Ah! Grace your thing eh" he whispered as he started moving a bit faster.

She turned her head and shushed him, she started to move,meeting each of his thrust so his lap won't make too much slapping sound against her ass, she kept her eyes fixed on the door to their room her heart racing, she was fucking the Oga while the madam was sleeping in the room.

They moved together silently except for the Oga's grunts and outbursts, he started to push into her deeper and she arched her back feeling him move deeper, she brought her hand and rubbed her clit with two fingers while moving to match his rhythm, she moved faster biting down on her lips, he started to grunt louder and she could tell he was close.
She listened and quickly pulled away forcing him to pull out cumming all over her ass
"Ahh Grace, you na good girl" He started grabbing her ass

He stood up and zipped his trouser, he tip toed away from her and into their room, she laid there on her tummy with her Oga's cum dripping down to her thigh, she was more angrier now.

He had cum on her and she couldn't continue from where she stopped before he stupidly interrupted her, she took the edge of her wrapper and wiped away at the cum on her swollen pussy lips.

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