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Here’s what’s going to happen when earthquake apocalypse hits Earth on November 19

In case you haven’t been following this year’s important news, a mysterious death planet is heading towards Earth – and destined to wreak havoc.

But even the most dedicated conspiracy theorist must admit there’s been a couple of false starts – with ‘the end’ predicted to come on September 19, and then October 23.
Both those predictions came from Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade – but now a new internet wibbler has predicted chaos will erupt on November 19.

Terral Croft is – like Meade – obsessed with the (fictional) death planet Nibiru, and predicts on Planet X News that the so-called ‘Black Star’ will cause worldwide earthquakes on November 19.

Croft writes, in a blog post peppered with pseudoscientific gibberish, ‘The predicted backside-alignment quake event is scheduled for November 19, 2017, when Earth passes behind the Sun relative to the Black Star in the Libra Constellation.’

‘The forecast is to see fluctuating up-down weekly seismic-event values, until global seismic activity reaches a peak in the second two weeks of November moving into December 2017.

‘The historical data points to the chances of seeing one or more 7-magnitude earthquake events coming for Weeks 39-41.’
Croft has even produced a really scary diagram to make it all seem that bit more legitimate.
Sounds scary right? But what’s really going to happen is… nothing at all.

Nibiru does not exist, and Croft’s supposed scientific analysis of earthquakes is gibberish – he claims earthquakes are increasing, whereas there’s actually fewer than average, according to the Washington Post.

Nibiru itself is a tired, tired old conspiracy theory, which has been predicted to end the world dozens of times, and never ever does.
Nibiru does not exist – and if you’re in any doubt on this fact, read the box below about where the idea of the ‘death planet’ actually comes from.

Source: Metro UK

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