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I am "Me In My Inside" - MC MIMI

Cyrus: Can we meet you?? Know a little about yourself sir?
Mc Mimi: I'm Kolade Oluwatimileyin popularly addressed as Mc Mimi

Cyrus: You are a comedian, MC or Compere?
Mc Mimi: Well I would say I'm the combination of all because if I'm on stage and you are not bored then definitely I'm funny

Cyrus: What brought out the Mimi in you & How did you get that Name, because I find it hard relaying it from your name!!???
Mc Mimi: I sister gave me the name coz she is always found of calling me MIMI instead of TIMI so that's how I got the name and I already have a meaning for it & MIMI means MIMI - Me In My Inside

Cyrus: Then you Eat People on stage with Raw comedy right?
Mc Mimi: Most Definitely....

Cyrus: That's great. So when was your first appearance. Like First Show?
Mc Mimi: It's all started in my church and I was asked to host a concert then and it started developing till now and it's all started a year plus ago

Cyrus: How was it been a first time?
Mc Mimi: I was so curious and afraid.... I was scared that I Don't want to fall my people hand but God took control

Cyrus: That's a good Spirit. How did you broadcast your self?? Via WhatsApp or Relationship with other MCs
Mc Mimi: Firstly the credit goes to my team because they made me what I am today I actually got known when I got a big gig and also via social media and my families and friends

Cyrus: Are you gifted on this or you had some training to do?
Mc Mimi: Well everything I do on stage come naturally

Cyrus: Wow. So, You're the first or last of the Family?
Mc Mimi: First child

Cyrus: You Host shows on Radio Stations, How's it been like?
Mc Mimi: Have not done this before but hoping to someday and on this, Something big coming soon

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