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I got my Stage name from a Vampire Slayer in a Movie - MC BUFFY

Taking a Trip Through Ondo State, comes a multi talented female Mc and Compere who studies History at Adeyemi College of Education and also the Co-Host if Ankara Night Happening in Akure, Ondo State; MC Buffy. We had a brief chat with Her, telling us about herself and her career

Cyrus Temmy: Can We Meet You??
Mc Buffy: My name is Aladegbongbe Mary popularly known as MC Buffy

Cyrus: Tell us a little about MC Buffy
Mc Buffy: Smile. MC Buffy is a media person and an entertainer. A female MC, red-carpet host, an Oap and a voice over artiste.

Cyrus What brought out the Buffy in you + How did you get that Name, because I find it hard coining it from your name!!???
Mc Buffy: Smile.
Well, the name Buffy was gotten from a movie I watched 'Buffy the Vampire slayer' back then. I was inspired by the lady in d movie called Buffy. So I just loved the name cos to me, it carries some energy.

Cyrus: Then you Eat People on stage with Raw comedy right?
Mc Buffy: Lol. Exactly

Cyrus: That's great. So when was your first appearance. Like First Show?
Mc Buffy: Wow! In 2015. That was a Yoruba stage play held at adeyemi college of education Ondo. I host the red carpet

Cyrus: How was it been a first time?
Mc Buffy: Well, I was nervous at first but when I got the mic and camera rolling, I just had to do what I had to do and I enjoyed every bit like it wasn't the first time

Cyrus: That's a good Spirit. How did you broadcast your self?? Via WhatsApp or Relationship with other MCs
Mc Buffy: Well, I'll say recommendations

Cyrus: Are you gifted on this or you had some training to do?
Mc Buffy: It's from the inside. I didn't get any training for it. I Have always dreamt of doing this while I was a kid.

Cyrus: Wow. You're the first or last of the Family?
*"Mc Buffy: I'm the third

Cyrus: You Host shows on Radio Stations, How's it been like?
Mc Buffy: Awesome

Cyrus: What are your Shows, Time And the Station?
Mc Buffy: For now, I don't have but cooking up something, will let u know as soon as its done.

Cyrus: That's beautiful. What's your style of fashion and To a Typical Dinner with Cyrus, what would you wear?
Mc Buffy: Smile. Don't have a particular style of fashion & Amazing

Cyrus**: Thanks so much for the time

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