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Men like their ass eaten just like women - Gabrielle Union

Earlier last week, in a rather unconventional discussion, someone had mentioned to me, there is a real difference between ass licking and ass eating. And that’s where that conversation ended.

You know Gabrielle Union right, the super talented actress. The lead actress from Being Mary Jane, the wife of NBA star player, Dwayne Wade, she’s really pretty. She was at a radio interview at Sway In The Morning show when this topic came up for discussion.

The discussion started from sex and sexuality, and the actress stated her belief in reciprocity, and how often it should happen during sex.
Guess, it’s not enough to talk about penetrative sex or oral sex anymore, we have to talk also about eating ass, which more popularly called rimming or more directly ass eating.

The topic was up and she didn’t shy away from discussing it, she was generous enough to let us know that they (she and her husband, Dwayne) are open minded, and would engage in a little ass eating here and there.

Not the kind of information you’d want to know right? But wait. It gets more interesting, she also revealed that she is the one that likes to toss the salad, another term for ass eating.
According to TMZ, it was the host of the radio show, Sway who asked the unpopular and uncomfortable question.

“So, how old were you when you first ate a butt?”

She further said that many straight guys like when their girl plays around their backward but will not come out open about it. She then answered with the simple
“Listen, it’s all about equality”

In all fairness, in life and every other thing, one good turn deserves another. If she’s sucking your dick, be ready to suck her pussy, and if she is eating your ass out, dude! Be ready to toss her salad as well.

I only wonder how many people will look at Dwayne Wade and his ass eating allegations especially since it came out of his wife’s lips.

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