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My husband is lazy, separate us, wife begs court

A Customary Court in Mapo , Ibadan, on Tuesday , dissolved a 21 -year-old marriage between one Ibrahim Tajudeen and his wife Idowu over laziness and irresponsibility .

The President of the court Mr Ademola Odunade , who granted Idowu ’ s request for dissolution of the marriage , said a peaceful coexistence between husband and wife was necessary for any marriage .

“ It is our duty as a court to ensure peace wherever there is trouble .
“ The union between Idowu and Ibrahim has ceased to be henceforth .

“ Custody of the three children produced by the union is awarded to Ibrahim , ” Odunade said.
Narrating her case , Idowu , a mother of three, told the court that Ibrahim was a lazy and irresponsible man.

“ My lord , Ibrahim is so lazy to the extent that even when I took it upon myself to get him a job , he chose to be lazy .

“ I have tried times without number to ensure that he is productively engaged, but Ibrahim kept telling me that he is not strong .
“ Besides, he is so troublesome that I can no more cope with his troubles .

“ Worst still, I have been reduced to almost nothing because Ibrahim does not give the children and I any form of care. He neither clothes our nakedness nor does he provide for our food , we are just there.
“ I am principally responsible for the children’ s education and other needs . ”

She said she was also responsible for the payment of the house rent since 2016 .
“ There is no more love between us, please , separate us, ” Idowu pleaded.

However , Ibrahim denied all the allegations against him and rejected the divorce suit .
“ My Lord, I have a well-established car wash service and so it is not true that I am lazy .
“ I provide Idowu ’ s needs according to my capability .

“ I have been responsible for everything in the house and I will continue to perform my duty , 2 Ibrahim said .

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