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Neymar fined £900,000 for tax evasion in Brazil


Neymar has been hit with a fine of around £900,000 for tax evasion in his native Brazil.

The punishment was levied by a Brazilian regional federal court against the star PSG attacker for attempting to hide income through the use of three family-run image rights companies.

In 2015, Neymar was accused of not paying his full taxes between 2011 and 2013, using those companies to get around paying the personal income tax rate of 27.5 percent.

The judge overseeing this case, Carlos Muta, handed out the £900,000 fine on Tuesday and declared Neymar's conduct "characterises litigation of bad faith and a detrimental act to the dignity of Justice" and believed he only wished to obstruct the process.

The fine only equals roughly two percent of the money the Brazil's federal treasury hopes to collect from Neymar over the incident.

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