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Origins of Durian's 👃Pungent 😍Aroma🤢 Revealed

One of nature's smelliest secrets may have been revealed, thanks to a dedicated team of durian-loving scientists in Singapore. Researchers have found an odour gene which gives the thorny fruit its notoriously pungent scent. The discovery meant the possibility of creating "odourless or milder-tasting" fruits in future, the scientists said.

It has sparked mixed feelings from durian aficionados, who worship its signature rank smell. "A durian without its smell is nothing but an empty shell with no essence," wrote Singaporean Richie Liang on Facebook, who also compared "a durian without its unique smell" to "a human being who has lost his or her soul".

"Our analysis revealed that volatile sulphur production is turbocharged in durians, which fits with many people's opinions that durian smell has a 'sulphury' aspect," said geneticist Patrick Tan, who co-led the study. The researchers said the durian's distinctive odour served an important purpose to it in the wild: helping to attract animals to eat it and disperse its seeds.

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