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10 things that makes sex different when you’re high or drunk

If you have sex but haven’t tried it when high or drunk then you have to absolutely try it. It is amazing, but like every other thing, not everyone will agree to everything. The effect of drugs and alcohol have on sex vary, but the a lot of people will tell you it makes it better.

Researchers from John Hopkins University and New York University worked on studies on the topic of how sex happens under the influence of drugs and alcohol and when the participants are not on them, the findings were published in
Psychopharmacology and the Archives of Sexual Behavior, as written by Hannah Smothers, Cosmopolitan.

One of the result published in
Psychopharmacology looked into the use of cocaine and their effect on sex, they did this in a controlled fashion with the drug, they had 12 participants who weren’t aware they were talking drug during the study.

The other result published in Archives of Sexual Behavior features a deep dive that pinpoints on details about how alcohol and marijuana affect sex, to do this, they monitored the sex lives of 24 participants that involved 12 women and 12 men, all straight.

The results were fascinating, some participants reported that the sex was longer, some talked more, some want more sex. Here are 10 of the ways that sex changes.

1. People feel sexier
It goes without saying, when you’re buzzed, you feel better about yourself which in turns makes you feel sexier. In the study, "One female stated she felt so attractive on alcohol that she feels she is the 'diva of the party,' yet another states she felt like the 'sexiest woman on the planet' while high on marijuana." A participant had this to say "When I'm drunk, I'm drunk, so I'm like, 'I'm hot.' Then with weed, I usually feel more sexy ... and happy. You usually feel a little sexier, a little bit more turned on and ready to have sex, instead of being self-conscious."

2. Cocaine makes people impatient
This might be a problem especially when it comes to sex, an impatient person might find it difficult to strapping on a condom, or just throw it away which makes them open to STI and pregnancy.

3. Cocaine increases libido
Something else cocaine does in the system is increase the sex drive, and the more cocaine in the system then the higher the sex drive.

4. Alcohol makes people more social, and friendlier
We all know about this one, no surprises here but it’s possible that it makes some people more closed than they usually are.

5. Alcohol makes un- sexy, big time sexy
People have made all sort of jokes, but it is true, when you’re drunk people are who less attractive became smashingly beautiful, all thanks to alcohol, you’re more open to having sex with people you normally won’t have sex with before, for both male and female which might bad in some regard.

6. Marijuana makes people selective
While weed makes people more open, talk more, interact better. For some people, despite all of this, they can be also selective about who they are around. One 35 year-old participant says, "When I'm high, I'm a people person, but I'm selective," "When I drink, I don't mind being in a crowd of people. There are times I'll be high, and I'll go to a party, and I'll pick this guy or this girl. But when I'm drunk, I'm just going to mingle with everybody."

7. People get hornier when drunk than when high.
From the research results, people say they they are happy to do all sorts when they’re high but sex is the main thing when they are drunk. A 31-year-old female participant says "Maybe I'm looking for [sex] more if I were drunk, whereas when I'm high, I'm happy doing other things," She continues. "Sex is great. Watching a movie is great. Resting's great. But when I'm drunk, fucking would be great."

8. Marijuana high are calm while alcohol is quite aggressive.
From the study, women said that men are quite controlling when they’re drunk while they’re pretty much chilled when they’re high. She says "When there's drinking involved, guys seem to get more belligerent and crazy, and get this weird aggressive energy,"

9. Weed makes people more adventurous while alcohol makes people bold and more confident.
A male participant said, "It feels like you get a lot more primal [on alcohol]," and said it's like a feeling of needing something and doing whatever to get it. Women claimed that marijuana high makes men feel adventurous while alcohol makes them bold, and improves their confidence.

10. Alcohol makes sex longer
When people are drunk, the sex can be longer than usual because of desensitisation feeling which makes it prolonged, but some ladies have said it can be painful after a while.

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