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5 facts about pre-cum everyone should know about

Pre-cum is sort of nickname for pre-ejaculate which is the little liquid that comes out of the penis before the real thing (ejaculate) shows up. Like you know, ejaculations consists of millions, hundreds of millions of sperm that can fertilise an egg that can lead to pregnancy, in case you didn’t know that?

Thank me now but I’m sure you’re you’re aware of that knowledge.

Something else that the pre-cum carries asides from semen is STI, sexually transmitted infection. According to Hannah Smothers, Cosmopolitan.

1. What is the difference between pre-cum and semen?
They come from different places, for further explanation, Dr. Deb Laino, a Delaware sex therapist sheds more light. "Pre-ejaculate comes from Cowper's gland secretions, the other, actual ejaculate comes from the testicles," Laino continued. "There's a difference in where they come from — but it's the same fluid."
When a man gets aroused, his erection begins to build, the pre-cum comes from the Cowper’s gland then flows through the urethra as semen would. It is also suspected that semen leaks in, because it isn’t produced in the Cowper’s glands.

2. Is there a female equivalent?
Remember the saying about what is good for goose being good for the gander? Ladies get their own pre-cum as well. According to Laino, "There are these little glands in the female called the Bartholin's glands and they're synonymous with the Cowper's glands [in men]," Laino said. "They are right in the entryway of the vagina and secrete moisture as well — little drops of lubricant in the female." They also help create lubrication for sex, and that’s all the use for the female one.

3. Can it transmit STI?
This may be a bit of a downer, but pre-ejaculate can transmit STI, but the chances are lower compared to those but there is still a possibility of it happening.

*4. What is the use of pre-cum?
There is nothing in the body without its purpose, for pre-ejaculate or pre-cum, the reason they exist is to clear out the urethra, and also to add lubrication to the vagina as penetration occurs. The pre-cum does this cleaning by neutralizing any acidity, which can badly affect sperm as it travels through the urethra, Laino explained.

5. Is it enough for a pregnancy?**
Absolutely! Laino further explains that since there is still sperm in the pre-cum just not in the same quantity and ejcaulate or cum. It can happen that pre-cum will lead to pregnancy, and it can happen without any form of warning which then translates to get a condom, and be safe.

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