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6 other ways that sex is not really the same when you’re high or drunk

As experimental people still exist amongst us and researchers as well. In a study carried out by John Hopkins University and New York University that chronicles the experiences of people under the influence of drugs and alcohol during sex.

These studies were published in the
Archives of Sexual Behavior and
Psychopharmacology , and reported by
Hannah Smothers, Cosmopolitan. Here are six other ways sex can change.

1. Alcohol can make you forget things
Perhaps one of the reasons why people take an healthy and unhealthy amount of it. Participants in the study said they couldn’t remember sexual interactions when there was alcohol in their system. According to the study notes, "This often led to reclusiveness, and some participants even reported being 'cold' to their partner in the morning."

2. When you’re high, you’ll want more sex
Participants from the study, specifically a man and a woman told researchers that they experienced desire for more sex when they were high, in their words, they said they had desire "for more sex after the first sexual episode on marijuana." It is not the same with people who have been drinking.

3. There can be regrets when the alcohol wears off
One of the advantages of taking alcohol is that it removes inhibitions, when this happens, you will make decisions that you won’t normally make. From the study, "The most commonly reported feeling after sex on alcohol was regret,".
This feelings come from the place where they go ahead to have sex with people they don’t find attractive, and also a case or possible pregnancy, and even worse not remembering who they had sex with. "When you're drunk, it's more regrets or I-wish-I-didn't-do-that type of thing," A 32-year-old female participant says "Definitely had times where I didn't use a condom. Pulling-out method, one-night stands ... Just didn't feel good about that at all."

4. Women say alcohol before sex leads to higher feeling of shame
Like men, ladies also say their guards are down, and then after the sex, they feel like shame for having sex with people who ideally they would never have sex with if not for the alcohol. A 25-year-old female participant says "When you're drunk, you might see somebody and be like, damn, he looks mad good,"

5. Sex when high can be more passionate and intense
Being high can make people have false sense of time, sex that wrapped up in 15 minutes might feel like an hour to them. Some of the participants also said the orgasm are more intense than when sober or drunk. Not only is it more intense, it also comes quicker than usual, said a lady.

6. They both can lead to sexual dysfunction.
Ever heard of whiskey dick, it is the case when the man being under immense influence of alcohol cannot get his dick up, erection cannot be achieved while some ladies said weed can make it hard for them to get wet.

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