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Aviation stakeholders back establishment of national carrier

Despite the mixed reactions that trailed the hint that the government plans to float a national carrier due to the failure of past attempts, aviation experts have expressed the belief that if done properly this time, the new airline will reposition the industry .

Many of them believe that investing in a national airline will help the government to take the country ’ s brand and all its potential to the world thereby boosting the growth of tourism .

The Chief Executive Officer of Kitari Consult Limited , an aviation consulting firm , Mr . Ali Magashi , recently stated that a national carrier airline as its country ’ s brand to the world would bring the world into its country and take its country to the world ..

He said a national airline was like an embassy with wings , transporting its country ’ s talents, skills, commerce, culture, cuisine , human resource and goodwill around the world .

Magashi said, “ Conventional wisdom suggests that developing countries with small economies and high growth potential invest in national airlines . Dubai and Singapore have successfully made their airlines their main brands, driving their national identity and growth strategy, and so have Ethiopian Airlines and EgyptAir done here in Africa.

“ According to the World Bank, every one per cent of government fund spent efficiently on infrastructure leads to an equivalent one per cent growth in Gross Domestic Product . Kenya doubled its tourism revenue by the creation of Kenya Airways and this has positively impacted on its GDP . ”

Among other benefits , experts noted that a national carrier that is floated and run efficiently would reduce the country ’ s transport infrastructure deficit , help in the development of the economy and provide multiple jobs as well as help in developing aviation leasing companies, maintenance hangers , flight simulators and related training facilities .

They argue that it would also stimulate the development of more travel agencies and the hospitality industry , and bring about economic empowerment to many people through forward linkages in aircraft leasing and finance , and backward linkages of hospitality and air travel support . READ MORE

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