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Nasa forecast: Which cities will flood as ice melts?


A forecasting tool reveals which cities will be affected as different portions of the ice sheet melt, say scientists. It looks at the Earth's spin and gravitational effects to predict how water will be "redistributed" globally. The tool has been developed by scientists at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

Senior scientist Dr Erik Ivins said: "As cities and countries attempt to build plans to mitigate flooding, they have to be thinking about 100 years in the future and they want to assess risk in the same way that insurance companies do." And this new tool provided a way for them to work out which ice sheets they should be "most worried about".

It suggests that in London sea-level rise could be significantly affected by changes in the north-western part of the Greenland ice sheet. While in New York, the area of concern is the ice sheet's entire northern and eastern portions.

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