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Rare ⚡Powerful 🌎Earthquake💢 ✊Strikes 🇰🇷S-Korea


South Korea experienced the second most powerful earthquake in its history on Wednesday afternoon. The Korea Meteorological Administration initially recorded a 5.5 magnitude earthquake occurring at 14:29 p.m. local time (12:29 a.m. Eastern time) on the southeastern coast of the country, near Pohang, a city 230 miles away from Seoul.

The earthquake’s magnitude was later revised to 5.4 but was felt across the country, including in the capital, as South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. The weather agency said aftershocks are to be expected in the next few months, but it excluded the possibility of a tsunami.

No fatalities have been reported yet. Seven people sustained minor injuries and 42 calls were made to the fire departments, according to The Korea Times, while the emergency hotline received more than 7,000 calls nationwide as people reported their homes were shaking and wondered if it was indeed an earthquake. The quake caused visible damaged to buildings, roads and cars parked in the streets.

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