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The Bitter Truth About Wedding - Oluwabusola Fasaye

1. Many attendees of Nigerian weddings are unknown to the couple. Some guests wouldn’t even recognize the couples on the street after the wedding because there is no deep connection. I understand parapo in our climes and deep rooted culture but we need to do better, putting funds into perspective.

2. Lower class and middle class weddings in Nigeria are largely financed by the entire savings of couples who must have worked for long hours for a period of three to five years and left to start their lives from scratch after this one-day event.

3. Our weddings are conducted under the impression that guest would present quality gifts to couples, but in the end, couples get plastics and kitchen utensils as though their entire life would be spent in the kitchen.

4. The society and family members can afford to sponsor the supply of drinks and food at weddings rather than sponsor business ideas that can sustain marriages of couples for a lifetime.

5. We can put an end to financial frustration in marriages if the monies spent during weddings are diverted to comfortably help couples start their lives.

Don’t let anyone put you under pressure! Anyone who insists on an elaborate wedding should provide the money.

‘Aso Ebi’ is not compulsory!(My mother and my family folks know that there is no mortal man living or dead, that can compel me to buy Aso Ebi) Bridal train is not by force! Groom’s men are not essential!

The most important memory of any are the pictures of the smiling couple, which is designed into an Album and also framed on the walls of every home. This picture does not show the cost of renting the reception hall. It does not show the price of the cake or cost of decoration or the rented Limousine.

It is better to monetize gifts for couples to decide what to do with it. A monetary gift after a wedding is more valuable than before the wedding. The society should demonstrate genuine love for couples.

If you can afford it, please ‘turn it up’! Otherwise, don’t let anyone put you under pressure.

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