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This type of penis has huge cancer risk

There are several reasons that can cause the death of a man, but surely his reproductive organ shouldn’t be anywhere on top of that list. There are several types of penises, and some can open up its owner to a higher chance of cancer, according to Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim.

Guys with curved penises might want to read up on this. According to a large study carried out by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas that involved about 1.5 million men, the ‘curved’ guys were revealed to have a reasonably higher chance of having different types of cancer, total bad news, sad.

The reason for this unfortunate news is the curve that these penises possess can make a buildup of the scar tissues, something called Peyronie’s disease.

When this happens, the scar tissue known as plaque can start to increase, which can result in very intensely hurting boners, and sex can be very unbearable.

The study result also drew up other things, people who have this Peyronie’s disease also have about 40 percent increased chance of having prostate cancer and testicular, and it gets even worse, there is also a chance of 29 percent chance of having skin cancer.

According to the Urology Department at Weill Cornell Medicine, they believe about 13 per cent of men have this dreaded Peyronie’s disease, and sadly many may not know about it. Just in case you’ve got a curvy penis and maybe it hurts during sex, you may need to see your doctor.

The lead researcher on this, Dr. Alexander Pastuszak says

“We think this is important because these conditions are largely taken for granted and while they are significant in the sexual and reproductive lifecycle of these patients, linking them to these other disorders suggests that these men should be monitored for development of these disorders,”

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