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5 cool things to know about the pleasure center called clitoris

For a sexual active man, you would have heard, seen and experienced the vagina and clitoris, and if you’ve bothered to learn about it, you’d have found out what kind of organ the clitoris is. In case neither has ever happened to you, you've not bothered to learn about it, your aim till now is just to use it. we're here to help get better.

I heard something interesting about the clitoris which I will definitely share with you, and it goes thus, the penis is a deformed clitoris. I find the statement weird but there it is, let’s move on.

To educate you more on your sexuality and that of your partner, here are some of the cool things you may not know, Author of
Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life, and director of wellness education at Smith College, Dr. Emily Nagoski shares interesting details from her wealth of knowledge on this subject matter.

1. No, it’s not inside the vagina
Yea, for the newcomers or late bloomers. Yes, the clitoris isn’t inside the vagina. You may have heard it before but just to mention it again. The vagina is more of a tube that connects the vulva to the cervix and uterus. So, there are separate, hence why their orgasms are different, clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.

2. The sizes vary
Remember when people say if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all? Clitoris vary in sizes, it can be as small as pea and get as big as gherkin cucumber, remember the statement about penis being a deformed clitoris, maybe there are unto something? If you’re experiencing pains due to the size, please see a doctor about that.

3. And it can grow bigger
So,we spoke about how the size varies from lady to lady, what is more intriguing is that like the penis it can grow bigger during arousal when blood is pumped into it. During this process, the clitoris grows bigger in size.

4. The size doesn’t affect the sensitivity
Just like boobs, the fact that the size is big or it’s small doesn’t guarantee that it is very sensitive. There is no connection with size and sensitivity, the stimulation that each require can be different. It can be big and require light stimulation or small with rough stimulation. No one cut straight formula to what works for what.

5. It’s not just the nub at the top of the vulva... it's more than that
For some people, their clitoris are quite little, the size of a bean. That is only the beginning, that button extends into the body, the clitoris goes deep into the entrance of the vagina, and it has its own structures as well. It doesn’t always feel good like it’s advertised everywhere.

The clitoris is designed for sensation which means that for it to be enjoyed, the lady has to be turned on sufficiently. It's like having sex without lubrication, let's not even think about it.

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