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Another 7 things ladies enjoy the most about sex

Earlier, we share the five things about sex that women absolutely love about sex that was shared by Danielle Baker, Maxim. We continue today with other things that makes sex really good for ladies.
1. Orgasm
This is the best outcome we can think of when it comes to sex. To finish it off with a resounding orgasm, the intense sweet feeling that is super refreshing, a moment she can totally lose herself and forget all about the world.
The pressure, the sadness, the burden, everything goes away for a while during that glorious moment. Strive to give her orgasm and you’ll see the amount of joy passing through her.

2. Seeing you get turned on
Probably something naughty for her, women also like to revel in the knowledge that they’re responsible for the horniness the guy is going through. Being the reason for the hard-on is sexy to ladies.

3. Learn about the clitoris
If you don’t know how to do this already, you need to read books, watch videos and do everything you can within your powers to learn how to work the clitoris. It will save you, not all ladies have vaginal orgasms regardless of how good the man is, but a man that knows how to work the clitoris is superb for him. Knowing your way around the clitoris can mean that you can give her immense pleasure.

4. Foreplay
Women take longer to be ready for sex than guys. They require time to get turned on, that’s where foreplay comes in. Ladies love foreplay, the good thing about it is that it makes the guy pay attention to different parts of her body, the attention the neck, boobs, shoulder, back, thighs, arms and all other places. Spend time doing foreplay, learn to enjoy it.

5. It’s so good, he isn’t talking
You know when sex is so good, no one is talking, everyone is just concentrating on enjoying everything going on, that’s one of the moments when she loves sex. You should savour it too.

6. The quickie
Just two points ago, we spoke about foreplays and why it’s great and all that, but for a quick second, you might not need all of that for a quickie. Sometimes you just want to get down dirty fast and easy, so no need for the long foreplay. Every once in awhile, it’s cool to have a quickie.

7. Penetrative sex
We’ve mentioned everything else asides from this. Something else that ladies love about sex is the penetration part of it, say for only the times that the penis is too big or too small, the penetration in itself is enjoyable for the lady, the thrust is so pleasurable.

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