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Newborn baby wakes up at own funeral after being pronounced dead by doctors

A newborn baby that had been declared dead by doctors in India ‘woke up’ moments before his funeral.

Police and government enquiries are under way and two doctors have been sacked following the incident at the Shalimar Bagh Max Hospital in north west Delhi.

The boy and his twin sister were born prematurely at 7.35am last Thursday, but the girl was stillborn and the boy pronounced dead at 1pm.

But an hour later the baby’s grandfather Praveen Mallik discovered that the body bag the child had been placed in was moving.
The boy was then taken to hospital in a critical condition..

Deepak Bidawat, the child’s uncle, told the
India Times : ‘We will keep protesting until we get justice. The hospital’s licence should be cancelled and the doctor who declared my nephew dead should be jailed.’

The baby’s family had taken the twins to a burial ground when they noticed one of the children was in fact alive.

In a statement, the hospital confirmed it had dismissed Dr AP Mehta and Dr Vishal Gupta.
The hospital added: ‘This strict action has been taken on the basis of our initial discussions with the expert group and as a reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care.’

Dr KK Aggarwal, the national president of the Indian Medical Association, ruled out criminal negligence, instead describing the incident as a ‘mistak’.

He said: ‘There is definitely a mistake. The difference between a mistake and negligence is deliberate action. I don’t think any doctor will do it willfully. But let the inquiry committee find out.’

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