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This is how having lots of sex can help you live a full life

If you don’t know sex does a lot of good for the body by now, then like the Drake album, if you’re reading this, it’s too late. That’s not true, it’s not too late. Sex is insanely good for the body, in fact your body requires it.

Some of the benefits of sex includes boosting of morale, reduces stress levels, prevents prostate cancer, and helps you sleep well amongst every other thing.

If there is anything close to the elusive snake oil, it probably is sex. In case you’re wondering what snake oil is, it is a famed cure all ointment that has zero medicinal value. It is fake, doesn’t do a thing.

With all of the advantages of sex that were listed up, you can agree that it has a lot of good, we’re here for one more. Having lots of sex can be outstanding for your heart. Check that out!
Usually for your heart, the usual routine you’ll hear from doctors are eat right, sleep well, exercise your body, and possibly jam a couple of pills down your throat. That will be what they say, which is right but this other way also makes sure that your heart is working in the most optimum way possible, SEX!

According to Science, high levels of amino acid homocysteine are known to ignite cardiac problems, sex helps reduce their level in the system, so you see why you should be having sex more? Men who have sex more will have improved circulation and healthier blood vessels that those who don’t.

In an extensive review of 2015 clinical data, it was found out that high levels of homocysteine surges the risk of death through heart disease by 66 per cent, the chances of stroke by 33 per cent, and lastly, this is linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

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